Carlos Calabuig

Branch Manager NMLS#386784

Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc. 

815 NW 57th Ave, Suite 203, Miami FL.

C. 786.217.3618

Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc. NMLS# 75243, Financing is shown for comparison only, not an offer of credit or commitment to lend. Based on buyer & property qualification. Rates & fees are subject to change without notice. Aprobación del préstamo y tasa de interés depende del crédito del solicitante, colateral, historia financiera y disponibilidad del préstamo en el momento de originación del préstamo. Tarifas y condiciones pueden cambiar sin notificación. Florida Mortgage Lender License, #MLD23.

All information is for real estate professionals only and it is subject to changes. Approval of any loan and interest rate depends on the applicant's credit, collateral, financial history and loan availability at the time of origination. Rates and conditions may change without prior notification.


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